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News: 1997 Taxi - R185 SLH

Published 13 March 2019, 11:02

Type of Vehicle - Taxi
Year Built / Registered - 1997
Body - Carbodies
Chassis - LTI
Reg No. R185 SLH
Livery - Red

1958 - 1997
2014 saw the last FX4 taxis withdrawn from London's streets after over
half a century'ss ervice,t he first havingb eeni ntroducedin 1958.
They were in continous production for 39 years and although later ones are
very different mechanicallyt,h e body shapeh as barely alteredo ver all this
The chassisw as manufacturedb y Austin, firstly at Longbridgea nd then at
Adderley Park until 197l, when fulI manufacture was transferred to the
bodybuildersC, arbodiesL td., at HolyheadR oad,C oventry.
In 1989C arbodiesm ades ignificanti mprovementsto the FX4, and for the
first time gave it a narne - 'Fairw&y', a resuffection of a name first used by
Carbodiesb eforet he war.
With wheelchair accessibility came power steering and servo assisted
brakes as standard and, \n 1992, the final improvements to the FX4 came
when front disc brakes replaced drums.
After much soul-searchinga, Japanesee ngine,t he Nissan TD27, was
installedi n this essentiallyB ritish icon, which, in the light of experience
has earnt itself the soubriquet'b omb proof becauseo f its reliability and
Virtually all cabs built for use in London are automatics, but a manual 5
speed gearbox was also offered.
This FX4 is one of the very last ones made in 1997, and was
delicencedin August, 20L2w ith 261000m iles to its credit.
Many have travelled twice and some three times this

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